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About AES

American Exam Services is a young, yet experienced company that provides American entrance exam testing services to Spanish speaking students who want to study or work abroad.  We are concerned when we learn of a brilliant student being rejected because of their English language ability and we are making it our job to see that this does not happen in the future.  Like any other study, English can be perfected with the proper teaching techniques dictated by the program and applied by the teacher, as well as the full dedication and persistence from the student.  In order to encourage 110% effort from our students, we ask each student to sign up for an official exam date before starting a course with AES.

American Exam Services helps students achieve their desired score on American placement exams, and ultimately, get accepted into the university of their choice.  We offer dynamic and engaging courses that keep students interested and motivated, and which allows them to learn in the fastest possible manner.  Our engaging teachers use creative teaching techniques and are native English speakers.  We highly value our teachers who are the cornerstone of AES and treat them as such with pay and other benefits high above industry standards.  Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your dreams.

And more than just helping you achieve your desired test results and getting into the school of your choice, we are here to guide you and act as your mentor throughout the entire process.  Whether it’s helping you to pass a required English entrance exam, select the perfect university, write a witty and original essay, or advice for living abroad, we are here to support you!


To prepare our students in the proper use of the English Language, generate knowledge, improve our students’ opportunities for a better future, and reach academic achievement and professional success.


To see our students reach their TOEFL® exam goals giving them access to the universities of their choice, and becoming leaders and professionals of the future in our multi-cultural, and globalized world.